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Bakeware Sets, Cookware, Flexible, Gourmet, Nonstick, Silicone, Toaster oven Bakeware Sets, Cookware
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Introducing FoldTuk™ Bakeware

An Innovative Product

FoldTuk is actually the first and only collapsible bakeware that can be used in conventional, convection, infrared, gas grill, and microwave ovens due to its Green and petroleum free Ceramber material. It is airtight, stackable, dishwasher safe, and naturally nonstick (No non-stick coating applied), making it your most functional bakeware and cold storage container.

Ceramber heats up and cools down faster than silicone bakeware products. Unlike Corningware containers, the FoldTuk can collapse to a one-inch in height, saving valuable shelf space in your kitchen cabinet. The FoldTuk is very durable yet sturdy and has all the function benefits of Pyrex or Corningware. FoldTuks Ceramber construction allows it to transfer from deep freeze directly into a hot baking oven eliminating any risk of thermal impact...and it is 100% shatter proof. If the FoldTuk slips out of your hands as you empty the dishwasher, not to worry, FoldTuk is unbreakable and no damage will be done to you or your kitchen investments!

Want to be Green and have a giant savings on your utility costs? You can bake a meal, serve it directly to the mealtime table and save your leftovers all in the very same FoldTuk! In one meal preparation alone, you have contributed to the protection of our environment by reducing your use of electricity, soap and water.

No other bakeware saves valuable time and resources, and creates more space in your kitchen like FoldTuk Bakeware. Find out more about this revolutionary new product, including the different variety of shapes and colors. Purchase yours today!
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